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iVATS Fleet Management System (iFMS)

Kemilinks’ proprietary iVATS Fleet Management System is designed for land based mobile asset tracking and monitoring. Used by many company to track and monitor their vehicular fleets, iFMS has proven to be a reliable and cost effective platform for assets utilisation optimisation.

iFMS is designed with to inter-operate with GSM/GPRS and/or satellite based platform. This gives customer a full selection of devices depending on their operating environment and condition.

Vehicles position are updated timely in our system for display purposes. iFMS also comes with a full management module which allows end users to generate reports for analysis. The management module is customisable and all reports can be tailored to suit customer’s requirement.

Application sectors:
 Logistics Companies and Providers
 Business owners
 Construction companies
 Private and Public Transportation Companies
 Government and security agencies.

For further enquiries, please kindly email to
iFMS Brochure