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iVATS Radioactive Materials Monitoring System (iRMMS)

Kemilinks’ proprietary iVATS Radioactive Materials Monitoring System (iRMMS) is designed for oil majors who need to track and monitor radioactive waste materials from aftermath of exploration activities. iRMMS allows oil majors to remotely track and monitor the movement of these materials including the monitoring of the leakages from the container.

Using satellite technology, the iRMMS is ideal for customer who needs to track and monitor their waste materials beyond GSM coverage area.

With gamma detector connected with our proprietary MCU, all readings are logged and time stamped. Data are sent constantly to our iRMMS server for display. User can access all the data including the position of the materials in transit anywhere so long they have internet connection.

Administrator is allowed to set the monitoring threshold such that alert will be sent to notify relevant agencies if leakages are exceeded or detected. Geofencing can also be set to alert official when the materials-in-transit deviated from the original route.

Application sectors:
 Oil and Gas exploration companies
 Oil Services companies
 Waste materials handling companies
 Logistics Companies and Providers
 Government and security agencies.

For further enquiries, please kindly email to
iRMMS Brochure